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AARP Black Community

We developed a social media strategy and plan to connect with, touch and reach consumers through a new communication channel to AARP. Through Facebook and Twitter we established a daily conversation to showcase the brand’s community engagement and drive brand relevance. Daily messages were crafted that nurture an ongoing friendship on the @AARP Black Community FaceBook page and the @AARPBlackCom Twitter page. We leveraged target relevant content that uplifts, educates, celebrates and honors Black culture under the auspices of the three AARP outreach platforms: self, wealth and health.  


When we started the social media campaign in June 2013, there were 668 Likes on Facebook, 320 Twitter Followers. We reached 100,000 Facebook Page likes after 6 months and grew exponentially to over 376,157 page likes, as of January 2019.  Engagement significantly outpaces the Facebook average (6% for total 2018 vs. the Facebook average of 0.17%.  92% of fans go to the page once a week or more. 75% of consumers are more likely to join/renew as a result of their relationship with the Facebook page.

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